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What is VPN? 什么是VPN?

How does it work? VPN的運作方式

When to use VPN? 何時需要VPN

Tutorial & Tips

How To Redeem Service Duration (Subscription Renewal) 如何兌換VPN服務期限

Bind Your Smartphone with Zebra Mini VPN Router/USB 如何綁定智慧手機與國際專案包/倚天劍

How To Share Free VPN With Your Friends 如何分享免費VPN給朋友


Why can't I access specific websites? 為什麼某些網站無法連上?

My VPN remains unconnected after the Mini VPN Router connected to the internet... 黑盒已連上網路,但是VPN尚未建立...

Some websites are loading too slow. How can I fix it? 使用VPN進入某些網站時的速度很慢,該如何改善?

What is "Intelligent routing"? And when do I use it? 什麼是智慧分流?什麼時候使用?


Does it ship to my country? 請問是否有寄送到我的國家?

What are the shipping options? 請問有哪些運送方式?


What are the payment methods? 付費方式

Return & Refunds

How do I return a item? 我該如何退貨?

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